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SHOW:  WireDo

TIME: 2100

VENUE: 58 C South

DATES: 11th – 27th (Not 14th)

Lumo Company’s Hannah Moisala enthralls in a visually stunning performance of physical theatre and circus 

WireDo is an intense and engaging performance created by a  combination of Hanna Moisala’s enigmatic stage presence, Terhi Pippuri’s enchanting music, the use of Shibari (Japanese rope art) and daring circus stunts.    

With perfect grace and poise, Moisala demonstrated a mastery of Shibari, using the ropes to connect and disconnect with the tight wire, exploring how these tangible bonds can be used to harness and support physical feats.  Moisala wrapped and tied her body whilst looking directly in to the eyes of the audience, never breaking their gaze until the task was completed.    Tension built with tentative steps being taken on low and high sections of the tight wire with the physically demanding nature of this performance evident but managed with consummate skill.   

In conjunction with Adrian Berry, Lumo Company have created a piece of outstanding contemporary circus telling a story of risk taking and the exploration of what can happen when we shift our perspective from the known.   

The venue is close and intimate, creating a sense of collaboration with the audience.  Moisala’s ability to move seamlessly from section to section whilst maintaining a sense of rhythm and purpose is impressive, leading the audience to two key moments towards the end of the show which are beautiful and moving due to the pure poetry of the physicality. 

The 50 minute running time flew by in a flash with the audience transported by the creative blend of movement, music and artistic visuals. I left the theatre having been enchanted by the spectacle, with a sense of wonder at this physical and theatrical treat.  

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