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SHOW:  Shift

VENUE:  360 Underbelly Circus Hub

TIME: 1600

DATES:   Run Closed

Barely Methodical Troupe make a stunning return to Edinburgh in a show full of physical feats of wonder and moments of awe. 

In recent years, the bar has been raised significantly for companies bringing contemporary circus acts to the Fringe.   Whilst ever more difficult to describe, circus has changed with audiences requiring more and more sophistication and innovation.  Barely Methodical Troupe, not only meet but exceed these expectations.  

Shift is a mixture of circus and dance where the performers explore and use the space around them, constantly in motion. The use of light and sound create environments in which the cast of four work together to support and challenge each other, pushing boundaries and making opportunities for each other.   The performance flows between ensemble set pieces and outstanding individual work, particularly Elihu Vasquez, whose dance background lend a different feel to parts of the production.  

This is a show which is more than the sum of its parts and its parts are many and complex.  At one point the troupe use large elastic bands to work as one unit, connecting with each other and strengthening the bond created between the changing nature of their environment and  each other in parts of this physical spectacle.   

This incredibly inventive show blends physicality, humour, dance, light and music to create an incredible hour of theatre which engages on an emotional and physical level.   This is a show which isn’t afraid to take risks, seemingly pushing the edge of possibility and physicality before artfully restoring equilibrium.   Visually stunning and emotionally engaging an hour with Barely Methodical Troupe will leave you energised and smiling.




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